Current Goal – Pass Certified Emergency Nurse Exam by May 2013

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My latest and current goal is to pass the Certified Emergency Nurse test by May 2013. I plan on posting my progress on this web-site and on Pinterest.


Is there anybody else out there that is interested in doing this with me?


If so please contact me and we can support and encourage each other. Thank you for reading.

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I’m Phil Schafer BSN RN. I am a 29 year old Emergency Room nurse and a DNP Student at University of South Alabama. My path to become a nurse has definitely not been easy. My failures on my path to become a nurse has instilled within me a passion to unceasingly promote nursing excellence, from the job interview to the Emergency room to the admitting patient floors. I am passionate about building a community of like-minded nurses. Follow RNAcademy Phil on Twitter

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  • nurse v


    i myself took the test several times and failed. Determined to pass next time!


    • RnAcademyPhil


      Perseverance is the best way to pass the test! Good luck studying!


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